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Quarantine Helped Me Fall in Love With My Natural Hair Again

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my hair. When I first transitioned from a perm to my natural hair, I second-guessed almost every step of the process. Even though my ends were damaged and eventually looked as if I had taken clippers to them (YIKES, right?), I knew what to expect with my semi-permed hair. The journey was terrifying although I knew I needed to make that clean break for healthy, nourished, and strong hair. I learned a lot about myself when I went natural.

In this way, quarantine has taken me on another natural hair journey.

These past few months in lockdown haven’t been easy for anyone. Sometimes, it feels impossible to find the space to just…process. I pack this on every day, in the way that we all do.

Since April, my world has been a series of endings and beginnings. I suffered a major loss, and it impacted every single avenue of my life. I was in an in-between state. Before quarantine, I took pride in keeping up with my natural hair because it made me feel confident, empowered, self-sufficient. Before quarantine, I never would’ve made the correlation between my mental state and my hair.

But after quarantine, I stopped washing my hair as frequently and would wait weeks before attempting the detangling process.

I stopped caring about my appearance and hid behind clothes that didn’t make me feel good. My inattentiveness gave me a false sense of control. I would hold steadfast to the decisions about my hair by not taking care of it at all. I found solace in headwraps, and proceeded to wrap my hair up for the entire summer.

natural hairstyle headwrap
Cassandra Rose | On-Screen Closet My hair was wrapped all summer.

Wrapping up my hair gave me confidence, but eventually became a crutch and an excuse to skip wash day because no one would see my hair anyway.

Recently, I realized that my relationship with my hair was an indicator that I wasn’t coping well with all of the changes that were happening so quickly. So, I made a conscious effort to rid myself of that toxic mentality. (I am still making that effort today.) I created a schedule for my natural hair care so I would be more likely to follow through. Then, I noticed that it still took a lot of effort to comb out or had serious product build up. I decided to try a new routine and spent weeks researching and testing out black-owned and cruelty free hair care lines.

Actively deciding to use black hair care products made a difference.

One of my favorites was a black-owned and vegan company, Wonder Curl. I gave founder Scarlett Rocourt a snippet of my hair issues and she sent me detailed recommendations on how to problem solve. Her Detoxifying Clay Cleanser and Sealing Hair Butter reshaped the way that I see and treat my natural hair.

Natural hairstyle braid-out day one
Cassandra Rose | On-Screen Closet Day one of my braid-out! Blurry selfie for the win.

The cleanser turned a 10-step shampoo and conditioning process into one. Applying the sealing butter after my first go at a co-wash contained most of my frizz. This process worked for me because I used a small amount of each product and still got big results. This experience gave me the push I needed to put more time, energy and intent into caring for my hair again.

And the Curl Control Styling Lotion made day four of my braid-out feel like day one.

Natural Hair Braidout
Cassandra Rose | On-Screen Closet Look at that curl definition! (Face mask in hand, on completely empty platform for the sake of this photo op)
Curl Control Styling Lotion
Cassandra Rose | On-Screen Closet Curl Control Styling Lotion 8 0Z, $12.60

This never happens to me. By day four of a braid-out, I am usually either fluffing out my afro or throwing my hair into a top knot bun.

At the beginning of quarantine, I had gone so long between washing my hair that it became a tangled mess that I actively avoided. Once I actually started to infuse consistency, love and care back into my hair, I gained back the confidence I don’t remember losing.

I have been natural for 10 years, and have had a series of ups and downs since then. I am proud of where I am in my journey, and am committing to giving my hair the love and attention it deserves. That I deserve.

*Wonder Curl hair products gifted by Wonder Curl, but review is entirely my own. If you’d like to learn more hair care tips, check out the virtual Healthy Hair Summit on September 25th – 27th!





20 responses to “Quarantine Helped Me Fall in Love With My Natural Hair Again”

  1. Emily Terrell Avatar

    I think you did an amazing job! Your hair looks so cute πŸ™‚ Most days I don’t want to bother with mine. I even skip brushing it if I don’t have to leave the house…

    1. Marjie Mare Avatar
      Marjie Mare

      Your hair is absolutely beautiful! I have been natural for the past 7 years and I am in love with mine more and more everyday.

      1. Azubike Eze Avatar

        You look great in your natural look. Good that it makes you feel confident, empowered, self-sufficient.

  2. Charlotte Petit Noble Avatar

    You rock those locks. You look beautiful with your natural hair <3 So happy you enjoy it more now than before quarantine.

  3. Viano Avatar

    Kinky hair is a lot of work but it definitely rocks. I’ve come to realize that the lesser the manipulation ( constant combing/packing) the longer the hair grows. Keeping them in twists for like two to four weeks while moisturizing will go a long way. But then again, different strokes for different folks.

  4. Matt Avatar

    You look great! I think quarantine has had a big effect on the way people style their hair. After not being able to visit a barber for 3 months, it made me realize I actually like my hair much longer!

  5. Melanie williams Avatar
    Melanie williams

    LOVE this and I know exactly what you mean, as I have gone more natural so that is a good thing. You look fab by the way xx

  6. Puneet Kaur Avatar

    The Detoxifying Clay Cleanser and Sealing Hair Butter seems to be working great to treat natural hair…….. Your hair after using it looks really better now…… be it the hair or the skin, they do need love and care πŸ™‚

  7. Komal Avatar

    Oh I’m so glad because it’s gorgeous! I stopped with the makeup and the overdoneness of everything. So nice to just look like plain old me!

  8. Marjie Mare Avatar
    Marjie Mare

    Your hair is beautiful and I hope you continue to fall in love with them even after quarantine.

  9. Veronika Sykorova Avatar

    You look great! I started washing my hair less in quarantine too! I used to wash it every single day and its just a lot. Always great to find the positives.

  10. Aaliziyah Avatar

    You look so fabulous! Your hair is really lovely and I think I’ll also try what you’re using

  11. blair villanueva Avatar
    blair villanueva

    You look amazing and fabulous! Embrace the true unique you because you are irreplaceable. You got gorgeous hair πŸ™‚

  12. Michael Avatar

    Good for you. we are really learning more and more things about ourselves and loving it. Appreciating the perks this pandemic is bringing to us too! The brighter side.

  13. Di Hickman Avatar

    Love your hair and your attitude! I also initially let things slide during quarantine, now I’m firmly back on the self care train.

  14. Kemi Avatar

    Been natural since 2014 and I’m a lazy natural gal i.e. not a product junkie an only interested in cleanliness and health of my hair. Not into measuring length, laying edges, or manipulation for curls that decide when to show up lol. My hair is super coily and it’s a hit-and-miss that braid outs/twist outs retain their curls without too much fluff…but when they do, I’m in awe lol.

  15. Britt K Avatar

    Your natural hair looks GREAT! I think this is a great positive to come out of the whole quarantine situation. I know that I have a completely different hair type, but the quarantine led to me washing my hair a lot less often as well. I think a lot of people did… the fact that we weren’t going out and seeing one another meant that we didn’t have to worry about how we were looking! Right? lol

  16. Britt | Not Your Mom's Gifts Avatar

    Your natural hair is gorgeous! I’ve been washing my hair less since quarantine started, too, and I love how much softer it is now. Love that you’re caring for your hair more now!

  17. Lyosha Varezhkina Avatar

    that is wonderful! natural hair are better than non natural. Your hair look gorgeous. and I am glad you look at the bright side of quarantine

  18. Clarice Avatar

    Happy to know that you are now happy with your natural hair. With the salons and spa, closed, I also learned how to take care and give attention to it on my own, and yes, just like you. I am happier and now I love my naturals too. πŸ™‚

    Will try to check if Wonder Curl is available here in the Philippines. πŸ™‚

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