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5 Style Mistakes You’re Making, According to Blair Waldorf

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If I were to define my style in less than three words, it would be lazy meets chic. When I’m in a rush, my number one process for picking out an outfit is to grab the first dress I see, throw on a neutral pair of boots (or patterned slip ons if I’m feeling fancy), and pray it all comes together. I count it as a win if I don’t look like I dressed in the dark!

As much as I love finding new pieces to add to my closet and checking out the latest trends, there are times where I’ve bought something that either wasn’t the most flattering or didn’t fit the way I want but loved it too much to give it up.

It wasn’t until I binge watched Gossip Girl for a third, fourth and fifth time that I realized how big of a mistake that I was making. Blair Waldorf changed the fashion industry with every pristine blouse, pleated skirt, and classic handbag. Every single outfit that she wore fit her like a glove and matched her personality. Watching her on the screen inspired me to find clothes that not only compliment my shape and size, but also make me feel confident. Here are five style mistakes you need to avoid at all costs, and how you can fix them.

1. Your clothes aren’t tailored.

Gossip Girl/The CW
Gossip Girl/The CW

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve had your eye on that dress for two months and grabbed it the minute your size was finally restocked…Only for it to end up being one size too big or small. Instead of trying to hide the misfit underneath layers, get it tailored. One small change can make a huge difference! Blair’s dresses always fit her perfectly and glided over her shape.

2. You splurge on trends you won’t ever wear again.

Gossip Girl/The CW
Gossip Girl/The CW

Trends never last, period. One of the biggest things that I love about Blair is her timeless wardrobe. She incorporated at least one classic piece into every outfit. Try giving retro pieces a modern twist.

3. You wear too many statement pieces all at once.

Gossip Girl/The CW
Gossip Girl/The CW

Less really is more. If you’re going to wear multiple accessories, make sure that they don’t clash with your overall look. Even Blair’s signature look included a simple headband and at least one piece of jewelry, she made sure to balance it out by choosing one to be her statement piece. Let your outfit do the talking for you. Pick one piece you want to be your overall focus and go from there.

4. Your shirt, sweater, dress is oversized to the point of looking bulky. 

Gossip Girl/The CW
Gossip Girl/The CW

Don’t get me wrong. I live in my oversized shirts and sweaters. They’re so comfy and easy to dress up or down. However, there are times where my sweaters toe the line between looking stylish…and looking like old pajamas. Blair’s shift dress is the perfect size. It’s loose enough to skate over her curves without being overwhelming.

5. You’re afraid of mixing patterns and colors.

Gossip Girl/The CW
Gossip Girl/The CW

If there’s one thing I learned from Blair, it’s that color blocking will take your outfit to the next level. Want to wear that yellow dress but don’t know if those pink heels are too bright? Go for it! Debating whether or not you can pair your striped shirt with a floral skirt? You bet.





20 responses to “5 Style Mistakes You’re Making, According to Blair Waldorf”

  1. Marcie Avatar

    She had the best style! Tailoring is definitely the way to go, when you can!

  2. kage2015 Avatar

    I have never watched gossip girls before. Understand about color blocking and can be used for women of all ages. Something my mother taught me when I was young. Nice to see someone else is using it.

  3. thediystyle Avatar

    Love the article. Tailoring is a must, it instantly takes your outfit up several notches.

  4. The Chocolate Mommy Avatar

    Blair’s style on GG was my absolute favorite! As a petite woman myself, looking at Serena’s style would not have worked at all on me. I should really go back and rewatch this series for some more inspiration.

  5. tinahogangrant Avatar

    I have never seen the show, but love the variety in clothes. Such great inspiration for many

  6. aprettypotato Avatar

    yeah, patterns and colours is one thing I’m always wary of but I’m getting better. I wore a blue patterned skirt with a coral blouse last night which was brave for me and I think it came together lovely. I think we all need to be a bit more brave with our outfits!

  7. Medha Verma Avatar

    I did like her style, no doubt 🙂 And you’re right, her dressed fit her perfectly, it’s important to get that last bit of finesse by getting your clothes tailored to fit. Good tips here and very creatively written!

  8. Erica Avatar

    I’m all with you about buying pieces that are timeless. I dressed super trendy when I was in middle school. Luckily, I was still growing and would have had to replace my clothes anyway. But I would always look back and think, I could never wear that style now. And I don’t have the budget for that as an adult.

  9. waitingforrain28 Avatar

    The tailored thing seems a little difficult for a good chunk of the population to attain, as clothes by themselves are expensive enough. But the being afraid to mix patterns is definitely an issue I have. XD I am waaaay too scared to do that, even though I think it can look great.

  10. Annette Dattilo Avatar

    Great tips. It really is all about balance and learning what highlights our strengths and what makes us feel comfortable.

  11. Tizzy Says Avatar

    I absolutely loved Gossip Girl. Blair truly made a statement with everything she wore.

  12. Sondra Barker Avatar

    Great tips! Thanks for the advice.

    Sondra xx

  13. supermillennial Avatar

    Great tips I’ll be sure to share w/the gf!

  14. Blair Villanueva Avatar

    Lovely tips from the style diva. Although we share the same name (haha), I like every outfits she got. AMEN!

  15. Andrea R Warren (@WaldorfFries) Avatar

    Blair is a style guru! Her advice is heard and heeded:)

  16. Agnes Avatar

    Great post! Reminds of the days I used to watch Gossip Girl. I am definitely someone who believes in tailoring because it makes a huge difference especially since I am short.

  17. Words of a Texas Nerd Avatar

    I’m with you on a lot of these points. I refuse to get sucked into the trends of today, because I know they will change tomorrow. I’m trying to stay away from the oversized clothes too. I remind myself that I’m not camping in a text and don’t need to hide a circus. Thanks for sharing some great tips!

  18. Jake Ferrer Avatar

    Love reading your post. Am so similar with just picking up the first cloth on top. Didn’t know that sometimes we do mistakes on choosing. Thanks for sharing.

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