Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde

5 of the Best 80s Outfits from Atomic Blonde

Photo: Atomic Blonde Trailer, Universal Studios

In Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron takes the words “dressed to kill” to another levelHer character MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton brutally kicks and punches her way through the bad guys while rocking killer, 80s inspired outfits.

80s fashion plays a major role in this spy film. From her platinum blonde bob to her leather skirts, her style is made up of bold pieces that make her stand out.

Lorraine even teases this in an epic one-liner: Trapped in a corner by her enemies, she simply says “If I had known, I would have worn a different outfit,” right before she fights every single one in a white wool coat.

There are so many other iconic fashion moments in Atomic Blonde that give us more insight on who she is and what she fights for. If you’re in need of style inspo, add these all-black outfits from the movie to your closet.

1. Her classic black trench coat

atomic blonde black trench coat
Atomic Blonde Trailer, Universal Studios

Behind every great spy is a dark and mysterious trench coat. And behind every dark trench coat is a girl who is obsessed with the color black.

black trench coat
Wool Blend Double-Breasted Trench Coat, $19.99
black trench coat
Asymmetrical Wool-Blend Trench Coat, $20.99

2. Her high neck cocktail dress

Atomic Blonde Cocktail Dress
Atomic Blonde Trailer, Universal Studios

This little black dress is timeless. Although we only see the top half of this sleek, fitted number, Charlize’s character slays this look. If you squint really hard when you’re watching the trailer, you’ll catch a glimpse of the gorgeous detailed back.

black high collar dress
High Neck Bodycon Dress, $9
high neck black dress
Tupelo Honey Black Dress, $38

3. Her low-cut jumpsuit

atomic blonde black jumpsuit
Atomic Blonde Trailer, Universal Studios

Every girl needs a statement piece in her closet. When Lorraine walks into a room, you’re going to know.

black jumpsuit
Ichi Tapered Leg Jumpsuit, $45


4. Her killer boots collection

black ankle boots from atomic blonde
Atomic Blonde Trailer, Universal Studios

One of the things I love about Lorraine is that she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and do it in heels or boots. The chains give off major 80s biker vibes.

combat boot with chains
G by Guess Braxton Combat Boots, $39.94

Her leather thigh high boots deserve to be on a pedestal.

atomic blonde poster
Atomic Blonde Instagram, Universal Studios
over the knee boots
Madden Girl Wendiee Over the Knee Boot, $49.94

5. Her black and white striped sweater

striped sweater from atomic blonde
Atomic Blonde Trailer, Universal Studios

Everything about this iconic look is fierce. I love that she’s the kind of spy who sneaks in white even when she’s undercover.

black and white striped sweater
Knit Wool-blend Sweater, $34.99


71 responses to “5 of the Best 80s Outfits from Atomic Blonde”

  1. thakickfiend Avatar

    i love charlize!saw bits of the trailer and cant wait to see the movie,cool post.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      It was SO good! Charlize and James McAvoy were amazing in it.

  2. yakuzaties Avatar

    Everything on this list is cute and affordable! I need to add these pieces to MY closet

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I love that her entire wardrobe was so 80s but with a modern twist 😀

  3. Chelsea Moore Avatar

    Ahh! this makes me want to see the movie so BAD! great post girl! 🙂

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      You are going to LOVE it!

  4. Anjali Chawla Avatar

    Great post! I would love to add black jumpsuit to my wardrobe. Looks cool!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      It’s honestly my favorite look from the movie!

  5. Ren Avatar

    I love a great trench coat and the black one that you featured is great. I love the look and the cut. I’m not a blonde ???? But I would most definitely add this to my wish list. Great Post

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      If I could, I would get a trench coat in every color. I love how serious they make me look ha!

  6. travelforstamps Avatar

    I have been looking for a jumpsuit for forever it seems! I absolutely love that low cut jumpsuit she’s wearing. Haven’t seen the movie, but love the coats she’s sporting and those booties. I’d wear them

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Her style in the movie (and on the press tour) is amazing!

  7. JeenuPillai Avatar

    OMG! she looks so hot. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Amazing collection. She looks awesome in that jumpsuit.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Thanks! She’s such a talented actress, I love her 🙂

  8. Maryanne Theodore Avatar

    I’m sure loving this killer boots right here

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Right? Her entire shoe collection from that movie was stunning.

  9. Nastya Avatar

    I like how you linked movies and fashion 🙂 great job

  10. Daria Avatar

    Great post. I love fashion, but I also love movies and often see great inspirations on screen. Have you watched the new Amazon tv series “The last tycoon” ? Great show and fashion from 30s is devine.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I haven’t watched it yet but I really want to check it out. I’m a major F. Scott Fitzgerald fan and was waiting until I read the book. I may have to sneak a peak for the fashion alone. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Wynne Katherine Avatar

    Wow! I do love me a black trench coat! anybody who wears it looks really mysterious and sexy in my opinion

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I agree, I love a good trench coat 🙂

  12. Kristine Nicole Alessandra Avatar
    Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I love these black outfits you featured in this post. They look so chic and fashionable. Definitely an 80s thing that was leveled up to match today’s style. Thank you for sharing. I like the High Neck Bodycon Dress the best.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I’m OBSESSED with 80s and 90s fashion, especially when it’s all black 🙂 I love the neckline on that dress too!

  13. stylisland Avatar

    i so LOVE this post! Fashion in film happens to be one of my very favorite things!! Thanks so much for sharing these great style ideas! I really want to see Atomic Blonde! I Love kick ass women, especially when they dress fabulously! One of my personal favorites is Rene Russo is Thomas Crown Affair.. 🙂

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Sometimes I’ll stick through a movie even if I’m not a fan just to see what everyone is wearing haha! Charlize did an amazing job in the movie. I’ve never seen Thomas Crown Affair but will definitely check it out!

  14. the journey of Julie Avatar

    Cute post! These dresses are really cute.

  15. Zinny Avatar

    Wow…these outfits are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend!

  16. Monique Avatar

    Love me some Ms. Theron ???????? I have to check this movie out!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      She’s really awesome in it!

  17. TooChineseForU Avatar

    Wow! I love your blog’s concept! Kudos to you thinking about the outfits in movies and shows and how to imitate them in real life. Amazing post! This style looks dope 😀

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Thanks so much girl 🙂 I watch so many movies and always wonder how the characters dress so fly ha!

  18. La Shell Avatar

    Love these! Right up my alley.

  19. Sauumye Chauhan Avatar

    All of these are amazing!! I love those boots & that black dress!! They are such classic.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I agree, those boots are so fierce and edgy!

  20. mystyle5 Avatar

    Ooh, lovely! Haven’t seen the film, but I love a good black trenchcoat hehe 🙂

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      She has so many awesome trench coats that I want to steal for fall!

  21. kalliamanika Avatar

    Still haven’t watched the movie and I want to soooo bad! Her style is gorgeous! The movie stylist has done an excellent job showcasing the movie concept!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      You won’t regret it! It was very well done 🙂

  22. Aditi Avatar

    All of these picks are so timeless and classic. I love those boots and that low-cut jumpsuit. Thanks for sharing these options. 🙂

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I love vintage inspired outfits. She knocked these out of the park!

  23. Shannonatron Avatar

    Hi! I saw this film last week and loved her wadrobe in it, so thank you for writing this post so I can find similar clothes! ❤

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Her outfits were one of my favorite parts about the movie 🙂

  24. Борка Шаула Avatar

    These 80s outfits are so classic and timeless. They are easy to wear, go with everything and flatter your figure. I mean, black trench coat, thigh high boots and high neck cocktail dress! Want them all!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Yes, fashion from the 80s was the best! It’s so awesome that a lot of the trends are still around today.

  25. Catvills Avatar

    The trench coat is THE thing to have! Now that we are approaching Fall, that would be a great addition to my wardrobe. I am excited to see the movie. This is going to be another blockbuster movie!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I agree, it’s such a staple piece for fall! She has so many different jackets in the movie that I wish I could steal 😀

  26. Naughty Kitchen Avatar

    I havent seen the movie yet and im dying to see it. I like this post! These are great ideas and the prices seem affortable!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I’m all about wearing affordable finds!

  27. simplysensationalfood Avatar

    I adore the whole range of cloths but my favorite is the black jumpsuit and the boots.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I definitely think the jumpsuit is the most versatile 🙂

  28. Brooklyn's Corner Avatar
    Brooklyn’s Corner

    What a great idea for a post.

      1. Brooklyn's Corner Avatar
        Brooklyn’s Corner

        Your always welcome.

  29. Laura Dove Avatar

    Oh you cant beat 80s fashion! I love the trench coat, and I would totally wear the black dresses and the cat suit too! Black is timeless!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Yesss, all black everything!

  30. Claire (@clairebeary94) Avatar

    I really like the black dress! Funny but I don’t own any little black dresses so I want to buy one. I also wanted to watch this movie, seems a lot of fun!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      The little black dress is my go-to outfit when I don’t know what to wear or just want to be lazy ha! The movie was a lot of fun. It can get a little complex at times but was still very interesting 🙂

  31. Jeff Honeywood Avatar

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the movie, and I can’t wait to see it.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      If you love spy films, you are going to enjoy it!

  32. eliza Avatar

    Oh yes! deadly yet fashionable! So many solid black style suit but still so chic. I so love Charlize 🙂

  33. Wynne Katherine Avatar

    Who would have know that you could look so good in black. Me, I personally prefer a brighter and colorful style, but I might start styling some black with my outfit

  34. beccajtalbot Avatar

    Really love this post! I’m really looking forward to seeing the film (gonna take my dad, as I know he’ll love it), but the outfits you’ve picked out are perfect! Love the trench coat x

  35. smileisit Avatar

    I love the whole idea behind your blog and this outfit too!

  36. Cassandra Rose Avatar

    I agree, it was a little hard to follow at times but I think it was still pretty good. I’m definitely going to catch it again and see what I missed!

  37. Familyearthtrek Avatar

    Ohh yes every girl need a black dress for any occassion. What would we do without a cute black dress that yoz acn easily style up different way. Wear it with red pumps for a sexy night out or a pair of white sneakers for a casual look. Perfect!

  38. TechEbook Avatar

    I so erotic love Charlize ???? So many square grim elan courting but still so chic.

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