Steal Betty Cooper’s Style on a Budget

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Move over, Gossip Girl. Betty Cooper, 2017’s Serena Van der Woosen, is slaying our screens with her preppy and flirty looks in every single episode of Riverdale. It doesn’t matter if she’s going on midnight adventures, chasing bad guys or getting close to her Jughead or “Juggy”, she always does it in style and with a perfectly curled updo.

Betty Cooper, who is played by Lili Reinhart, is arguably one of the best dressed characters on Riverdale. Her everyday style is so accessible and can be worn around the office or school. She’s the queen of the milennial pink trend that’s currently all over the red carpet and runway. Even her makeup, which is very basic and looks natural, is always on point. There’s something so timeless yet modern about all of her pressed collars and pastel cardigans that make me want to spend hours raiding her closet.

The best part is that you don’t need a Hollywood Budget to dress like this “Riverdale Vixen”. Here’s how you can steal her style on a budget. Because I want a love like Bughead’s (the cute nickname for her relationship with Jughead), yes, but I want her closet even more.

Her classic pink cardigan…

Light Pink Cardigan
Premium Luxe Crew-Neck Cardigan, $21.99
light pink sweater
Meronaβ„’ Embellished Necklace Cardigan, $29.99

Her stylish shirts (with the mandatory collar)…

chambray shirt
Prince & Fox Tie Front Chambray Button Down, $7.99
sleeveless blouse
Sleeveless Blouse, $9.99

Her flirty skirts…

Daisy Street Denim Button Up Skirt, $23.50
Daisy Street Corduroy Button Up Skirt, $25.85

Her cute but casual sneakers…

ked sneakers
Ked’s Daisy Sneakers, $24.63
keds metallic sneakers
Ked’s Rose Gold Champion Metallic Sneakers, $26.99

Her nude lipstick…

Bite Beauty’s The Perfect Pair Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set, $15
liquid lipstick
Stila’s Nudie Mood Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set, $20





50 responses to “Steal Betty Cooper’s Style on a Budget”

  1. Dope & Broke Avatar
    Dope & Broke

    Cute outfit choices! <3

  2. AJ Avatar

    Betty’s got such classic style!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      She totally does! I love that almost her entire closet is pink πŸ™‚

  3. Jasmin Avatar

    Really love this post! Im kinda into the skirt trend now.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Me too! If I could wear a skirt every day (and with buttons!) I totally would.

  4. Krissy @thoughtfullyunraveled Avatar
    Krissy @thoughtfullyunraveled

    I love this post! I always admire the clothes I see when I watch shows, but am not great at figuring out how to do it myself.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Same here! The less money I can spend, the better. Thank you!

  5. arra odeza (@acodeza) Avatar

    I love the simple and minimalistic look. It’s chic and fabulous as well. Thanks for sharing options where I can style myself like a star but not spending so much.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Thank you! I feel like some of the best outfits are the ones that are simple and understated.

  6. Morgan Avatar

    Love all of these options. So cute!

  7. Tinita Avatar

    Love the lipstick I love nudes! Great post

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I *love* a good nude lipstick. Thank you!

  8. glutesandgloss2016 Avatar

    Great post! Love the Bite lipsticks

  9. stylewithamanda444 Avatar

    Such a cute post! I loved the Archie Comics.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Growing up, I was SO obsessed with Betty and Veronica!

  10. eliza Avatar

    I love pink too! Simple, Basic yet still classy – I like the style, I will put some on my bucketlist to get some of those item that I don’t have yet πŸ™‚

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I agree, you can never go wrong with pink!

  11. Aditi Avatar

    Oh I love Betty’s style, so easy yet pretty and she is so gorgeous! Thanks for compiling a beautiful post related to her outfits! <3

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I agree, I love how simple but pretty her style is!

  12. Kentaro Tanaka Avatar

    I like the plain and simple yet vibrant outfits presented here. Looks great and nice job on writing an informative post.

  13. Via Bella Avatar

    I wasn’t a huge fan of cardigans but growing on me to be honest. It looks really good on her as well. ~

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      I used to be a pullover sweater girl myself but have really gotten into cardigans. I love that they’re so cute and can match with anything!

  14. Annie B Avatar

    Never heard of her but loving this style and simple pieces!

  15. ragordon2017 Avatar

    I don’t watch the show but it seems like she dresses more like Blair than Serena…cute though.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      She totally has Serena’s personality though, so maybe she’s a mix of both!

  16. A Busy Bees Life Avatar

    I love all these outfits. They are so cute. I wear dresses almost every day of the year and love to style them in different ways.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      Same here! Dresses are so much easier to style and deal with for last minute trips.

  17. Rakel Avatar

    Oh yes! Love her style and this post πŸ˜‰

  18. Mahima Avatar

    Love the outfits and options! Perfect for the office πŸ™‚

  19. LeanneBrookes Avatar

    Love the concept of taking someone from TV and trying to find clothes they’d wear. I haven’t yet watched Riverdale, but I’ve heard many good things. Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      It’s SUCH a good show, I promise you won’t regret it! It’s great especially if you’re a fan of murder mysteries.

  20. stephanieehmke Avatar

    Such a great post! I’ve been loving Riverdale and I think Betty has the best style on the show. I’ll definitely be rocking some of these picks!
    -Stephanie |

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      She definitely does! I love all of her minimalist outfits and wish I could raid her closet. Thank you!

  21. ramblesandrunaways Avatar

    This makes me want to go shopping!!!

  22. Kathleen Maher Avatar

    I love Betty’s style – its so effortless and girly!

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      It really is! I love how it’s simple but still pretty.

  23. Elizabeth O Avatar
    Elizabeth O

    I don’t watch the show so I have no idea who she is. Her style lolks pretty classic or preppy American to me. I do like the choices.

    1. Cassandra Rose Avatar

      It’s a great show! If you like murder mysteries or teen dramas, you’ll like it.

  24. Stylooo Avatar

    Perfectly awesome style to wear πŸ™‚

  25. Ana De-Jesus Avatar

    I think that Betty Cooper’s style is lovely. Especially when she wears her cute crops and mini skirts it gives me a 90s vibe which I am living for x

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